About us

The rules have changed. The sophisticated look is minimalist. To cultivate a chic and timeless style, the smart money is on a cool look that blends the relaxed and the simple.

At noddiction, we believe you can express yourself without saying anything at all. We have an ultra-contemporary take on the timeless basics of your wardrobe - in touch with the zeitgeist, with the obsessions of the moment, we’ve created an urban collection that’s simple and undeniably Parisienne.

Let’s take over the world, playing it cool, making anywhere our catwalk. Out in the street, Sunday brunch, a romantic restaurant date, the latest exhibition, or a girl’s night out! Are we perfect? Maybe not, but nobody can say we’re not close!

Every item in our collection is a salute to the woman of today, and her preferred look, which is discreet, relaxed and chic. Tranquillity, quality, and some short-and-sweet words reveal a personality, a mood, a desire. Like an amused glance at the world, they’re a touch of self-mockery that says it all about the confidence of the woman wearing our garments.

Clothes for a night out in heels, or an afternoon in jeans.

Clothes for reinventing the world, or enjoying it.

Clothes to tell a story that’s still unwritten.

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